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What did your dream home look like as a kid?

Was it a big bungalow, with a beautiful garden, a duplex with a big terrace, a villa with a tree playhouse?

We as kids have dreamed of our perfect house, sometimes doodling it on a piece of paper, bringing it to existence with the help of clays. We all dreamt, and we all grew. In this fast-moving life, we got busy to a point where we stopped thinking about that house of our dreams, the house with a big garden, the house with a big terrace, the house that we once doodled, the house of our dreams.

No dream is ever too big at Purva Land!

Puravankara group, one of the largest developers in Indian real estate with a rich experience of nearly five decades has come up with a new vertical, Purva Land, to inspire a new lifestyle, to give life to that dream within you, and to let you build your perfect home, the house of your desires. 

A venture that aims to provide plotted developments for you to invest in across the country, focusing on finding and developing communities in thriving metro cities. A venture that will provide independent plots within a gated community to build a house of your desire, where you decide what You want to construct in your own land, a bungalow with a beautiful garden, a duplex with a big terrace, a villa with a tree playhouse.

Let there be no limits to your aspirations!

Purva Land is the next big thing that inspires you to go limitless with your aspirations and dreams. Handpicked, peaceful locations with heart-pleasing views, secured gated community with easy accessibility. Purva Land focuses on family and family time, the idea revolves around spending some quality and peaceful time with your family away from all the hustle, where you decide the pace of your life

It asks you to choose big, to not get stuck between This or That, to not let go of something to have the other, it rather focuses on the concept of choosing both, and choose all that you like. A land where you can build whatever you like, whichever way you like. Here you are the king of space who enjoys unlimited freedom.

A piece of land is the start of a legacy!

Purva Land comes with clear titled properties, approved by statutory government bodies, with the best in class social and civic infrastructure, nice ambience, designed by renowned architects & urban planners. A perfect place to build the house that you had once doodled. A perfect gift for your future generations to cherish. A perfect asset that always appreciates. It’s the perfect place to #PlotYourDreams.

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